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Nick Parker Consulting, LLC assist clients in identifying resources within their community that can be used to support new sustainable business serving markets locally, regionally and globally. The company and a network of associates researches potential business opportunities, develop business plans reviewed by others now in that particular business, develops proforma financials, assesses risks, markets, competition and expansion potential.

  • Identify local resources— NCP Consulting will meet with local officials, citizens, educators, and business professionals in a brain-storming session to identify local resources.
  • Public education articles—Most individuals are unaware of opportunities to reuse, recycle and integrate resources to create new business opportunities.  When the public becomes educated about these opportunities they can become excited and supportive. NCP Consulting will produce a series of articles addressing Sustainable Environmental and Economic Development (SEED) Parks to be published in local outlets to develop critical public awareness and support.
  • Public education seminars—NCP Consulting will recruit speakers, develop and present a series of seminars on Sustainable Environmental and Economic Development (SEED) Parks and other selected topics of natural resources and environment.
  • Develops business plans—NCP Consulting works with local clients to develop business plans focused on local resources and opportunities.
  • Researches business opportunities—NCP Consulting makes every effort to stay abreast of new developments in science and technologies that can be used to create new business opportunities and will research areas of interest to clients.
  • Develops proforma financials—Business plans are only as good as the assumptions and projections made.  NCP Consulting will work closely with the client to develop proforma financials reflecting all identified costs and a conservative estimate of returns.
  • Feasibility studies—NCP Consulting will  research the technology required for any business of interest to clients, the resources required to support the business and the market potential for the products or services produced.  This type of study typically is the first effort in support of a new potential business and precedes the pro forma.
  • Land use—Zoning is often one of the most crucial elements in establishing a new business.  NCP Consulting has experience with remote sensing and mapping land use and can assist clients in preparing materials required for zoning officials.