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Nick Paker
7805 Zoar
Lubbock, Texas 79424


Nick Parker’s interest spans a wide variety of activities. Check out some of the things he enjoys!

A '32 Ford Nick has been totally refurbishing and plans a trip across the US on Route 66.

Working with "Hydrogen Bill" on the development of a hydrogen powered vehicle.

Crop land for cotton on the Southern High Plains of Texas.
Registered miniature longhorn bull.

1916 Detroit Electric Model 66 Brougham operated from 65 to 100 miles per charge of batteries. Steered by tiller from either the front or back seat.

Soil erosion by wind in Lubbock County, Texas.
Habitat for Humanity 72-hour Greek build on the campus of Texas Tech University.

Saving an old iron, 1959 Plymouth Belvedere with fins and a push button transmission.

Barn find, 1958 (foreground) and 1959 (background) English made Nash Metropolitan with 52 hp engines. The first Metropolitan imported in 1954 had 47 hp engines.

Nick made and performed on cigar box guitars.