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  • Sustainable Environmental and Economic Development Parks (SEED Parks)—Parks where the residues from one business become the raw materials for the next down-stream business and wherein other resources such as labor, equipment, transportation, etc. may be shared to lower operational costs and improve profits.
  • Integrated systems—The arrangement of businesses as in a Sustainable Environmental and Economic Development (SEED) Park where the residues from on operation become the raw inputs for the down-stream operation.
  • Community supported agriculture—A farming model, typically for vegetables, fruits and other food products, where shares are sold to consumers who in turn receive a portion of the farms output during the harvest season.
  • Coop food markets—Markets established by members of the cooperative to move their food produce to consumers.  Consumers benefit by having a variety of food products produced by a collection of farmers available in one location.  Farmers benefit by having an outlet for their food products yet not all farmers must be present to conduct sales.
  • Tourism—Nature tourism and agricultural or farm-based tourism offers a chance to educate urban residents, secure seasonal labor and develop a supplemental source of farm income.
  • Routing of high-voltage transmission lines—Transmission lines delivering electrical power from wind turbines and solar photovoltaic farms often transverse rural lands valued for their scenic vistas.  Placing these lines in routes to avoid unspoiled vistas maintains the attractiveness for nature tourism from which the revenue in one year can exceed the costs of the transmission line.  The shortest and most direct transmission line may not always be the most economical line.