Growth of Hybrid Striped Bass Fed Redbelly Tilapia or Trout Pellets

by Jonathan Chervinski, Nick C. Parker, and Gerald T. Klar

The growth in weight of hybrids of striped bass x white bass fed trout pellets was compared to that of hybrids fed redbelly tilapia, the latter of which were starved to reduce lipid content or were well-fed to ensure greater lipid levels. Production did not differ between fish that ate starved tilapia, and those that ate trout pellets. However, hybrids that ate fed tilapia, had greater growth than those that ate starved tilapia, The nutritional value of the pelletized ration was inferior to that of well-fed tilapia, indicating the need for improvements in diet formulation for hybrid striped bass.

Reprinted from: Research Highlights - 1989. Texas Tech Department of Range and Wildlife Management 20:35.