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Nick Paker
7805 Zoar
Lubbock, Texas 79424


Nick Parker's interest spans a wide variety of activities. Check out some of the things he enjoys!

Sustainable Green Solutions

  • A '32 Ford Nick has been totally refurbishing and plans a trip across the US on Route 66.
  • Working with "Hydrogen Bill" on the development of a hydrogen powered vehicle.

  • Crop land for cotton on the Southern High Plains of Texas.
  • Registered miniature longhorn bull.
  • 1916 Detroit Electric Model 66 Brougham operated from 65 to 100 miles per charge of batteries. Steered by tiller from either the front or back seat.

  • Soil erosion by wind in Lubbock County, Texas.
  • Habitat for Humanity 72-hour Greek build on the campus of Texas Tech University.
  • Saving an old iron, 1959 Plymouth Belvedere with fins and a push button transmission.

  • Koi
  • Barn find, 1958 (foreground) and 1959 (background) English made Nash Metropolitan with 52 hp engines. The first Metropolitan imported in 1954 had 47 hp engines.
  • Nick made and performed on cigar box guitars.