Interesting Links

The Ogallala Commons - A Community Resource Network

Link Ministries - Linking people with God's resources

High Plains Water District

Galactic Images - Astrophotography by John Chumack


South Plains Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists Facebook Page

Native Plant Society of Texas

Millennium Reign Energy

Because of an unbiased approach, many trusted websites, government organizations, non-profits, and interest groups use our guides as resources for their readers, including:
1) Yale University Department of Sustainability, listing our resource as “pros and cons of going solar.
2) City of El Paso, Texas, listing our resource as Xeriscaping - How to Create a Drought-Tolerant Landscape,”
3) Kentucky State Department for Environmental Protection, listing our resource asHome Solar Panels: Pros, Cons and Hidden Costs,"

Alligator Valley Designs

America Solar Energy Society

American Wind Energy Association

International Solar Energy Society

Austin Energy

Bonneville Power Administration

Built Green

California’s Clean Car Campaign

Cob Cottage Company, Coquille

Colorado Gators

Database for Incentives for Renewables and Efficency

Disaster Preparedness

Earthship Biotecture, Taos, NM

Eco-Industrial Park Sites

Energy Information Administration



Green Roof

Institute for Sustainable Communities

Millennium Reign Energy

Natural Resource Defense Council

Rocky Mountain Institute

Straw bale buildings

Sustainable Communities Network

Tennessee Valley Authority

Union of Concerned Scientists

U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Efficency, and Renewable Energy

U.S. Green Building Council

Wood Heat

Worldwatch Institute